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The Vltava - welcome to our website

The Vltava steamboat is one of the witnesses of the great times of steamboats in Prague when this kind of transportation was not only for transporting passengers but also for luxury sightseeing cruises. After the WW1 the steamboat fleet started disappearing from the face of transport and in spite of all the reconstructions the steamboats kept deteorating. Only the recent refurbishment, which was to help to restore the historic value of the steamboat, the Vltava managed to get back its beauty. Set off on a sightseeing cruise around Prague and beyond onboard this historic steamboat. You can enjoy the beauty of the city and its surroundings in the luxury and comfort of the boat as well as feeling the old times when steamboats in Prague were at their peak.

A piece of history ...

Construction of the Vltava began in the late 1930s as a part of revival of Prague Steamboat Company´s fleet and was used for a fast connection between Prague and Štěchovice and Slapy, where it was transporting passengers for many years. It has been through several renovations but the refurbishment in 2007-2009 brought out the original beauty so now you can set on a cruise through Prague on this reminder of old times.